Day 11 – Copenhagen, Day 12 – Stromsted

imageWe needed a doctor as Clare’s eczema on her hands has flared up, and we got a walk in appointment at 2pm. After an afternoon in Copenhagen we packed the van ready for an early start, so much easier when staying in a cabin. First thing we drove up the east coat of Zealand on the coast road and then took the ferry to Sweden.  We came off through the “goods to declare” channel because we had dogs, but there was no one there to declare our dogs to, so we just drove on.


Pitching and striking camp is such a faff that we have decided to drive further each time and stay for longer at the places we stop. The difficulty is that the boys get bored after about an hour and a half so we need regular long stops. The dogs are near perfect – except Jess chewed through on of her leads – she’s one year old next week.


The weather should be fine for the next few days in Stromstad with a pleasant 18 degrees.

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