Day 13 – Stromsted

Perfect weather and the perfect day.

After a day in the car we really felt that we all needed some exercise, especially Meg and Jess who are really very well behaved. The trouble is that Sweden frowns on dogs off the lead at this time of year because of young deer. Staff at the campsite told us of a field used for dog agility that we might be able to use, so we went there. Gate locked. There was a notice on the gate that I couldn’t read with some phone numbers – I sent a text “Hello – I am staying in Stromstad with my two border collies, and I am seeking your permission to exercise them in your field on Prästängsvägen.” Reply “Hello 🙂 [XXX]! Have fun[emoji4]”, XXX being the combination for the gate. How kind was that!?

After exercising the dogs we went shopping and managed to spend 707 sek (£65) on not very much, including 200 sek on dog food and treats. Then to Capri beach. Wonderful. We all had a walk on a very small part of a long distance trail on the way back and rounded the day off with a Cadac BBQ.

We have another two full days here before moving on.

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