Day 3 – Unna

Last night after the rain stopped we played in the dunes and ran on the sand with the dogs before a family shower (a first for us) and bed.


Packing up took a little over two hours, with Clare looking after the boys and dogs while I packed solo. I can’t help but feel that we have brought far too much with us.


The drive from Ostend to Unna was four hours, five if you include the hour break we had for lunch and to exercise the dogs.


The campsite in Unna is a delight, with wonderful bathrooms, and shaded by mature trees. We pitched as minimalistically as possible then drove off for dinner.


Barbara  is a friend of Clare’s from her aupairing days in France, and she, her husband Martin and their adult daughter treated us to roasted ham, sauerkraut and baked vegetables in their home. Their house is on three floors and divided into three apartments: ground floor – Barbara’s parents; first floor – Barbara and her family; second floor – Barbara’s sister and family. They all share a garden which Meg and Jess treated as their own.


During dinner their cat went missing, so a search party was formed. Needless to say, Meg and Jess were the first to find it, and had herded it up a tree and were standing guard until relieved of duty.


After dinner I asked about refugees in Unna. Unna is a town with a population of about 50 000, the town has been required to offer safe refuge to 180, making up about 1 in 300 of the town’s population. I have no idea how reflective this is of Germany as a whole, but if it is at all reflective of the country, it must be having a very significant impact on German society. Good for them for showing such compassion at a time of crisis for those peoples displaced and destitute.


Lubeck tomorrow our first proper stop of our tour, where we will stay for four nights.

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