Day 8 – Middelfart

Our four nights in Lubeck were up, and it was time to move on. After breakfast I set up the van to travel mode, left Clare to pack the bags while I took the boys and dogs for a last walk around the lake. It was a blustery day.


Only one of us can pack at a time, while the dogs can be tied up and left to themselves, the boys can’t (if only): they need constant supervision. I returned after 50 minutes, Clare took the boys only to the playground and I packed the car and took down the tent. It was still wet.




We paid for the campsite and left at 12:08.


Refuelled and topped up with AdBlue for the first time before the Danish border and then passed out of the Schengen Area with a Danish border guard waving us through unchecked.


The landscape in Denmark is remarkably similar to Britain’s too – very green and lush.


I’m a little disappointed by Middelfart, I was hoping it would be sandwiched between Upprefart and Lowrefart; Hihgfart and Lwofart; or even better, Dyrfart and Wtefart, but no, it is a simple Middelfart all on its own.


The campsite is ace- right by a fjord with a sandy beach for the boys to play. Dogs are banned from the beach.

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