Day 9 – Middelfart

imageAppropriately windy today, I think my boys have gone feral.


Great facilities for babies and children at this campsite. Several playgrounds, excellent nappy changing rooms – Ben’s out of nappies, but as occasionally happens, had a poonami (think tsunami with poo replacing the water). He was on a massive trampoline at the time, bouncing all about – I will spare you further detail.  The nappy changing room has a shower with the tray at waist height, just right for dealing with such a crisis.


This afternoon we walked into town, 4km. There was a rural footpath all the way, with scary signs insisting that dogs must be kept on the lead. No one was about, so ours walked free. We did some shopping, and bought some strawberries. The shopping and strawberries went in the back of the Burley, the boys in front. Somehow Jack found a way to suck the strawberries through the mesh between the two compartments. Despite Ben accusing Jack of eating strawberries, this was unnoticed until we unloaded the boys at the playground.


Copenhagen tomorrow – maybe staying in a chalet to ease the stress.

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