Day 10 – Copenhagen

Packing really is a faff. We have too much stuff. First the van needs to be prepared for travel mode: down stairs bed cleared, made into a seat and child seats installed, then the four kitchen drawers removed from the tent and put under the multiflex. Heavy items (gas, dog food, wine, Cadac) lower down; lighter items higher up (duvets, sleeping bags). Then the tent comes down and it stowed at the very back of the boot. Finally bikes, and kiddy trailer loaded and secured. All this with two feral boys running about asking if we can go yet.

Once on the road sanity returns, boys fall asleep and I can have a proper chat with my wife.

A great drive from Middelfart to Copenhagen, lush green countryside and an amazing Bridge with a huge toll 240 Kr (£22.50). We found a campsite to the south of the airport, and to our joy they had a chalet we could stay in for two nights.

Spaghetti Bolognese for dinner washed down with Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference prosecco. While dinner was being prepared I took the boys on their bikes to the dog running area, I too went on my bike and found that Meg and Jess were perfectly happy to pull me along so I didn’t need to pedal.

One of the boys lost his bike in the long grass and it too ages to find. On the way back, Jess slipped her lead and chased a rabbit to the amusement of some campers and the fury of others.

At least on Friday we should have an early start, with the van pre-packed and ready by 8am.

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