Day 17 – Seljord

The summer solstice has been and gone, but for us days will be getting longer as we track north, culminating with 287 hours or so between sunrise and sunset.

We spent most of our day on the campsite, which is quite extensive, and includes a beach. Twice Ben and I cycled into town to shop – Ben in the trailer, his cycling is good but not that good yet. Food is breathtakingly expensive, for example: 1 loaf of bread, 2 bread rolls topped with cheese, 1 bun with (revolting) icing and cold custard, 1 litre of milk (which later turned out to be natural yoghurt) and 500g of butter came to £15. OK – Norway levies a 15% sales tax on food, whereas in the U.K. most food is untaxed, but these prices are silly.

Photos: view of the lake from the campsite’s observation tower and Ben and Jack in the playground.

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