Day 19 – Flam

Route finding on the Sat Nav has many options, then gives a choice of three: shortest, quickest and least fuel. For Seljord to Flam I selected “avoid motorways”, “avoid tolls” and all three routes popped up showing the same route. And what a route it was…

Quiet roads, narrow high mountain passes and a plethora of tunnels. The final stretch into the valley was a glorious collection hairpin bends some in tunnel then emerging onto precipices.

Earlier the boys and Jess experienced snow for the first time.

The campsite here doesn’t have the same family feel of Seljord, but is well organised. Initially we were charged 840 NOK for 3 nights, but when they realised that we didn’t need hookup they refunded 150 NOK. We are certainly getting excellent value from our solar panels: 17 of 19 nights without hookup. I’d always considered them a convenience item not a money saving item. I’m not so sure now. The most useless item among our plentiful luggage is the hookup cable.

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