Day 21 – Flam

Three weeks and we’ve only just begun!

We had our most adventurous day yet, we took the Flam railway 2800 feet up the local mountain, had lunch, then Clare went down with the dogs, partway by train, and Tom cycled down hauling the boys in the trailer.

At the beginning of our descent by bike I thought my fingers would drop off I was squeezing the brakes so hard. I’m a large man – 115 Kg, hauling another 30 Kg of boys plus the weight of the bike, trailer, waterproofs, lunch, the total would be approaching 200 Kg. My big concern was overheating the brakes and blowing the inner tube, so I alternated brakes and paused at each hairpin to cool the rims. Even so, the rear rim became too hot to touch.

But what was most odd was that nearly everyone else I encountered on a bike looked like some enemy of Darth Vader: plastic coated polystyrene hat, sunglasses, glowing green jacket, gloved hands, hydration pack and protein bars. Apart from the gloves there was nothing they had that I wanted. A hat would have overheated my head, a jacket would have overheated my body, if I needed hydration, there were ample waterfalls, and protein from a cheese sandwich (or just opening my mouth and sucking in the abundance of flies.

Tomorrow Bergen, staying in someone’s Airbnb accommodation.

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