Day 22 – Flam to Bergen

One of the things that makes packing up so difficult is that Clare and I have different jobs to do, but we can’t work together because we have two feral boys and two hyperactive border collies to care for. One of us has to manage the boys and dogs, preferably far away from the other, while the other does their part of packing – then we swap over. The whole process is made much harder when it is hissing down with rain, and this is the situation we found ourselves in on Monday morning. Striking camp in hissing rain.

We left Flam after lunch at 12.30 and were glad to be moving on after the wonderful time we had on the mountain the previous day.

It was another great drive, keeping off the main roads wherever possible, with tunnels and high mountain passes with snow filled gullies.

We arrived at our Airbnb accommodation soon after 5pm and found it perfect for our needs. Thoughts turned to our bellies and we decided on a rare meal out. We all shared a large pizza which cost 169 NOK.

Then it was off to the supermarket. Rena 1000 seems to be the leading chain in both Norway and Sweden, and the shops provide mini trolleys for children. Ben and Jack love this, they grab a trolley each, go on a supermarket sweep along the biscuit and sweet aisles and then flee for the exit. The game is made even more fun by having to dodge two highly harassed parents arguing over which brand of nappy to buy. Result: 1 child in meltdown after having trolley taken away and two parents squabbling over whose fault it is that the boys have turned feral.imageOur camp before packing.

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