Day 23 – Bergen

Our dogs are generally well behaved, but with whatever activity we choose, we need to consider their welfare. Leaving them locked in the car for long periods of time is not acceptable. Before we departed on our trip we decided that up to two hours is fine and two to four hours in exceptional circumstances. We have brought with us metal ventilation plates that shut into the front windows to provide a draft through the car when the dogs are left for an extended period. The problem with cities is that they are not particularly friendly places for visiting dogs, and our chosen activity in Bergen was to visit Vilvite, an interactive science activity centre. Fortunately it was opposite a park.

We left the dogs in the car while we all had fun in the centre, brought the dogs out for a walk at lunchtime and all had a picnic together, and then returned to the centre for more fun after lunch.

The centre was absolutely brilliant, with dozens of science based activities for children and adults. I had a go on a bicycle that I cycled upside down in a loop. Ben and Jack both got soaked in water based activities.

Spaghetti bolognese for dinner, then I took the dogs for a walk in the hills above the city, where I let them run free – illegal throughout Norway between 1 April and 20 August.


Photos: Vilvite and midnight in Bergen

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