Day 26 – Ljøsøya to Trondheim

imageWe woke to brilliant sunshine, and it remained brilliant all day, teaching a high of 27 or 28 degrees, quite unexpected this far north and so close to the Atlantic.

We took the slow road to Trondheim, which meant the grandly named Atlantic Ocean Tunnel, but as there are no viewpoints within is just another tunnel. Two ferry crossings several other tunnels and a couple of mountain passes which are my favourite bit.

Our routines on a driving day are now quite well established. After getting up we breakfast, wash ourselves and the boys, Clare packs bags while I look after the boys, I pack the car while Clare looks after the boys, then we all take the dogs for a walk before getting into the car. Being “well established” is not the same as “working like well-oiled machinery”. It isn’t! Toddlers have an amazing ability to move quickly in opposite directions and hide is strangers’ caravans, or conceal themselves watching ants march up a tree. Search parties need to be established, apologies given to aggrieved caravan owners, and wonder and amazement expressed at marching ants. It all slows down the packing process. We left the campsite at 11 with two grumpy parents, two grumbling toddlers and two contented collies.

We arrived at our Trondheim campsite in much better spirits at the same time as a Dutch couple in a California SE. Their pitch was behind ours. Within 5 minutes their food was up, their table and chairs were our and they were drinking white wine. For the next 90 minutes they watched us pitch the tent, chase boys in various directions, unpack bags from the van, chase escaped dogs in various directions, make up the lower and upper beds before we could finally settle down.

This is the true difference between the Beach and Ocean/SE variants of the VW California campervan.

Pork chops and pasta salad for dinner, a family walk with the dogs in brilliant sunshine at 10pm before bed.

Our hoped-for house in Trondheim has not worked out.

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