Day 27 – Trondheim

The campsite was very full of people, dogs and Ford cars.

There was a dog show on in town, and people were turning up in motor homes and caravans with their dogs to show at the show. A Swedish man next to us said he had driven 3,000 Km to come to the show! he spent half the evening blow drying his dogs, before taking them on a 30 second walk to pee. And that was not unusual, all the dogs seemed to have very controlled exercise, nothing like Meg and Jess who bite each other’s ears, and enjoy playing with each other.

the other event, in a field next to the campsite was a Ford motor show.. All kinds of Ford motor cars were on display, carefully guarded by their proud owners, trembling in terror when they saw Ben and Jacks sticky fingers approaching to touch a nicely polished bit of chrome. Such is the reserve of the Norweigan people, that they won’t say anything, but silently follow behind the trail of finger marks with Brasso (or whatever) and obliterate the stain as soon as it appears on their beloved Mustang,, imported from the US and lovingly restored..we did, however find one very brave chap who let Ben and Jack sit in his motor.


But for me and the boys the best vehicle arrived late afternoon, after the Fords had all left the show..


Described by its owner as a T1 mark 2, and was almost apologetic that it wasn’t a T1 mark 1. He’d driven it alone all the way from Munic.








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