Day 28 – Trondheim

We have a friend, Bob, who is a stonemason working on various restoration projects in Trondheim. He came and had dinner with us on Saturday, then slept in the awning overnight. On Sunday we decided to pop over the border into Sweden to buy some food. Sweden is just an 80 minute drive away and most food is significantly cheaper.

However, we have our dogs with us, and for dogs to travel freely between Norway and Sweden they need a vet administered worming tablet every 28 days recorded in their pet passport. While we did this initially to enter Norway, we have since let it lapse, so our dogs couldn’t enter Sweden then return to Norway.

All five of us, and the dogs, drove up to the border, I was dropped off with the dogs, had a lovely walk in the rain along a long distance trail in the mountains, then was picked up an hour and a half later when the others returned from the shops. We dropped Bob off on our way home.

Most of Norway is close to Sweden and many Norwegians make similar shopping trips to Swedish supermarkets on a regular basis. Apparently, wine and spirits have to be pre-ordered as they cannot be freely purchased in supermarkets by Norwegians. It all seems a bit odd to me. We’d just finished our last bottle of table wine from clearing out our home, and wanted a 3 litre box to keep us going without blowing our budget. Swedish lager will have to do, we have 24 cans which is probably 12 days’ supply.

We had pizza for dinner, bought in Sweden and cooked on the BBQ. Last time I tried this the base burned and the cheese didn’t melt. After some excellent advice I cooked it perfectly this time. I preheated the stone on full gas for ten minutes on the heat deflector with the BBQ lid on, put on the pizza and reduced the heat to minimum, cooking the pizza for a further 10 minutes. Result: perfect pizza with melted cheese and four very contented campers.

We can now enjoy pizzas weekly.

I had a Norwegian camper grouch at me just before bedtime. I spent about 20 minutes playing frisbee with the dogs – the dogs catch it, and immediately return it to me for another throw. A perfectly harmless activity, but contrary to Norway’s lead laws. First he photographed the dogs and then, in a most unpleasant manner, demanded I put them on a lead immediately. Fortunately I have a 30 metre rope with me. Tomorrow evening, if he is still here, I’ll tether the dogs one at a time to the rope and exercise it in the same manner. It’s ironic really, as we’d gone to some trouble to comply with Norway’s worming laws and were berated while having complete control over our dogs. Miserable git.

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