Day 29 – Trondheim

Up at 7 – dressed, teeth cleaned, dogs walked and boys dressed by 8. And all (except dogs) on the bus to Trondheim by 8.15 for our first proper meal out as a family.

Scandic Nivelven has reputedly the best breakfast in Norway for 285 NOK, children eat free. We made sure that we got our money’s worth – plate after plate of hams, cheeses, pancakes, sausages, meatballs, juices, cereals, breads, eggs… it was a good hearty breakfast, but I still reckon our local greasy spoon in Grove Park does a better breakfast for a quarter of the price: double eggs, bacon, sausage, black pudding, tomatoes (tinned) and fried bread for £6.30.

We failed to explore Trondheim, anxious not to leave the dogs alone for too long, and returned to the campsite soon after 12. We skipped lunch.

Late afternoon I took the boys off exploring outside the campsite and found a rather nice park. I found myself chatting to a man walking with his two boys in the park – he was our bus driver from the morning and recognised the boys and me.

He came from further north in Norway and was clearly very proud of his country. He was full of admiration for the trip we are doing and said the most beautiful part of Norway is to come. While the road E6 north is spectacular, our route north along the rv17 is super-spectacular.

Having spent an extra night in Trondheim, we are planning to take 7 days to see the super-spectacular road, with three days driving and two three night stopovers, crossing the Arctic Circle on the way.

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