Day 32 – Sandnessjoen


The mountains here are called the Seven Sisters, all but one are Munro height, and there are many walkers on this campsite who aim to walk one or more of them in a single go. The ultimate challenge is to bag all 7 peaks within 24 hours (the record is four hours). I’ve brought my walking boots with me, but alas am unlikely to use them on this trip.

After a lie in this morning, we had a late breakfast, then cycled with the boys in the trailer to the local supermarket. I have a speedometer on my Brompton, transferred from another bike. Down the mountain in Flam it gave an implausible reading of 40mph for my maximum speed. Bromptons have much smaller wheels than most other bikes, so the speedometer is bound to overread. According to Google maps, the distance to the supermarket was exactly 10km, so I was able to calibrate the speedometer. Handily it gave a measurement of just over 10 miles, so all I need do is read km for miles on the computer.

My top speed down the mountain in Flam was a little under 25mph.

The dogs had two decent walks today, and we were able to let them run free in the woods when no one was looking. (They had a miserable day the day before.)

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