Day 30 – Trondheim to Namsos

We were late getting up, and subsequently late packing, once again in the rain. It was 12.30 when we finally left but still needed a supermarket, so it was 1.30 when we really got going.

We abandoned the E6, Norway’s main north-south road, soon after Steinkjer, and joined the much slower rv17 to take us through the Arctic Circle.

We haven’t had a proper nighttime since leaving Denmark, here sunset is at 23:45 and sunrise at 02:55, but it’s light throughout the ‘night’. Fortunately the blinds and curtains in the van are pretty good, and with the topper on the roof, little light comes through the canvas. Tonight we are staying in a cabin so we can get an early start tomorrow.

This is a good cabin, living room and bedroom with four bunks. We use the campsite washrooms. There is an airport behind the campsite with small planes and helicopters. I’m guessing it’s used to ferry workers out to the North Sea oil rigs.

On a walk with the dogs we discovered  tricycles that run on a disused railway line.

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