Day 31 – Namsos to Sandnessjøen

After a full month on the road it’s time to introduce a new blog feature: sunset and sunrise times of each new camp.

Today’s sunrise 02:05, sunset 00:19 (that’s tomorrow’s, today’s was 0023)

In today’s blog we have glorious discrimination and Norway’s ferries behaving like London’s buses.

Even with the best will in the world, it seems to take forever to get going in the morning, after hoping for a 9am departure, we eventually were on our way at 10.30. We decided to take the slower and more westerly rv769 instead of the rv17, and what a good choice it was. Stunning coastal scenery and ferry crews which loaded white motor homes into one lane on the ferry and all other vehicles, including Amarillo, into all other lanes. On arrival at port, all other vehicles were let off first, and white motor homes last. On one ferry we were second last to be loaded – squished between a Tine milk tanker and fuel tanker – and were second off after the milk tanker, who then obligingly pulled over and let us onto the empty road first. ‘Glorious discrimination’, a new oxymoron to dwell upon.

We nearly had our comeuppance on our last ferry of the day. This was a 45 minute passage: Vega to Tjotta. We arrived at the Dock at about 6pm, following the car in front of us into Lane 2 with about 10 cars already in lane 2. Lanes 1 and 3 were empty. Once Lane 2 was full, Lane 3 filled, and then Lane 1. The next ferry was due at 19:10, so we were to have a substantial wait.

Eventually the ferry turned up and they loaded about 6 vehicles from our lane, presumably ones that had missed the previous ferry 90 minutes earlier, then inexplicably started loading Lane 1, the last to arrive. I was unconcerned as I could see two further ferries hove-to just off shore; in the manner of London buses, we’d waited over an hour then three had turned up at once. Ferry 1 was loaded and ferry 2 docked, and stated loading from Lane 1 again, people who had arrived just seconds before. Then for some reason Lane 3 started to be loaded. Even the reserved Norwegians started to get irate at this point. Ferry 2 was loaded and steamed off and Ferry 3 docked. Lane 2 at last started to be loaded, and while the driver of the car in front dozed, a driver of a white California Ocean darted from Lane 3 to Lane 2 ahead of us. As a near riot ensued at the dockside, Lane 2 was halted, and Lane 3 loaded. The driver of the white California barged back into Lane 3 and, unfortunately loaded. At last sense prevailed and Lane 3 was halted and Lane 2, including us, were loaded.

We arrived very late at the campsite. By the time we had set up camp and eaten dinner, we were All in bed after sunset – the early hours of the morning! We won’t be driving anywhere tomorrow.

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