Day 34 – Furøy

Sunset 00:40
Sunrise 01:42

This really is the best campsite we have stayed in. It is well organised and has all the features we need. An excellent playground, a hill for walking the dogs, gravel tracks for the boys to play on their bikes, a good lavatory and shower block, a private beach on the fjord, views over the fjord to mountains and a glacier. It was recommended to us by a Norwegian couple we met at our previous campsite and is an ACSI inspected site.

We didn’t drive at all today. We all walked on the hill behind the campsite where Meg and Jess were able to run free, and Ben didn’t complain too much about not being carried. Even Jack walked much of the way.

After lunch we cycled to the supermarket with the boys in the trailer, about 10 mins each way. Jack fell asleep in the trailer so napped away the rest of the afternoon, while Ben and I admired the traffic on the Fjord.


Tomorrow we take a boat trip to “kiss a moose”





























2 thoughts on “Day 34 – Furøy

  1. All sounds good! Excellent photos especially the one of rainbow bear. Lots of love mexxxxxxxxx

    Best wishes!

    Sent from Jane’s iPad



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