Day 36 – Furoy to Bodo

Sunset – none
Sunrise – none

After a fairly short drive, we finally made it to a place where no part of the sun set during a 24 hour period. Previously I hadn’t fully understood the definition of the Arctic Circle, having previously believed it to be defined by the setting of the mid-point of the sun. On the Arctic Circle the sun just touches the horizon on 21 or 22 June, at least partially setting every other day (though I suppose there must be one point on the Arctic Circle where the sun just touches the horizon on both the 21 and 22 June). The true Arctic Circle cannot therefore be a real circle, and will vary slightly from year to year. It is also currently moving north at a rate of about 15 metres per year due to a 40,000 year wobble of the earth caused by the gravitational pull of the moon on the oceans.

We are still very impressed with the performance of our Beach. It has been totally reliable and almost completely trouble free. The factory option we use least is App Connect, and the enhancement I would like is automatic headlights, with all the tunnels we’ve been driving through, I frequently forget to switch them off when we come out of the tunnel.

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