Day 37 – Bodo to Lofoten

No sunset

We had our earliest start yet, leaving the campsite at 08:30 after breakfast and walking the dogs. Despite the early start, we were last to arrive in the reserved lane for our ferry to Lofoten (8:45 for a 9:30 ferry). It costs an extra 100 NOK (£9.50) to reserve a place on the ferry, and each crossing half the places are kept for vehicles that just turn up.

Initially the crossing was calm, but once out of the shelter of Bodo’s islands there was quite a swell. The passage is four hours, and initially the boys were hard work, but eventually they fell asleep.

When eventually the Lofoten Islands came into view they were quite a sight – snow capped mountains rising straight out of the ocean.


We docked soon after 1.30 and immediately looked for a supermarket, then headed for a campsite I’d identified on the Atlantic side of one of the islands.


Midnight at our campsite.

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