Day 38 – Lofoten

After over three weeks in Norway we have started to get fed up with the high food prices, cold and frequent rain or drizzle, and difficulties properly exercising our dogs so will speed up our journey to the North Cape. Norway is a stunningly beautiful country, but its people very reserved and crazy prices for most shopping essentials. Not a good advertisement for life inside Europe but outside the EU – perhaps Switzerland will be better.

Tomorrow we leave Lofoten and we hope to be at Nordkapp on Sunday or Monday, and entering Finland on Tuesday. We will spend some extra time in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania where we can afford a few nights off from camp cooking and I can tuck into an extra large juicy steak with whatever trimmings the Baltic people serve with it.

The highlight of today was bathing in the Arctic.

Lofoten really is stunningly beautiful. 10 degrees warmer and it would be paradise. It still claims to be the warmest place on the planet relative to its latitude.

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