Day 40 – Bardu to Alta

Great progress today putting us within striking distance of the North Cape, 150 miles north of here after our 40 days in the wilderness.

We have also discovered a new “sleep mode” for the van without opening the boot and re-arranging luggage. Clare and the boys in the mezzanine bedroom and me downstairs longitudinally on the bench seat. The child seats go on the driver’s seat and in the footwell. One dog goes in the front passenger footwell, the other dog goes on the front passenger seat. I have to sleep in the fetal position but it’s surprisingly comfortable on the bench. It’s cheap too!

To celebrate our new-found austerity sleeping position we went out for a meal. Clare and I had reindeer stew, Ben had a reindeer wrap and Jack a reindeer sausage, all eaten in a Sami tent with a log fire in the middle and LED icicles strung around the sides. The reindeer meat tasted like doner kebab meat, and, I suspect, was processed the same way. The boys ran excitedly around the tent blowing out all the candles.

Rain all day today, but Saturday evening into Sunday morning is forecast as sunny, solar midnight is at about 00:45 on Sunday morning, so it may well be a good day for seeing the midnight sun.

One thought on “Day 40 – Bardu to Alta

  1. Well impressed. The two of you, two kids and two dogs.

    Fantastic trip for all of you and one your boys will remember.

    Got three of them, late 20’s and early 30’s now. Surprising what the pay remember.


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