Day 41 – Alta to Nordkapp


imagePlaying in the snow on the route to the north.

It didn’t take long to get going in the morning, just a walk with the dogs, quick wash, child seats in and we were ready to go.

As we headed north our thoughts turned to our departure from Norway. After four weeks of scrimping and saving, a quick audit revealed we still had 4118 NOK to spend. The one thing I hate more than waste is paying bank charges. Changing Pounds to Krone to Euros is wasting money on bank charges, so we’d rather spend our Norwegian currency, getting good value, than waste money converting it to Euros.

Feeling like Brewster (from Brewster’s Millions), we squirted 1000 NOK of diesel into the fuel tank, had steak and chips for breakfast/lunch for 500 NOK and paid 910 NOK for entry to Nordkapp including a buffet breakfast.

Nordkapp is by far the most touristy place we’ve visited. And I’m not really sure of its claim to fame. Being an Island, it’s not the most northerly point of the European mainland, and it’s certainly not the most northerly point of Europe, there being more northerly islands in Europe.

Still – it’s a fun place to visit and spend the night, and we’ve met some interesting people, including a couple who have driven from Shanghai, a city we feel connected with having visited it several times since 1994 when my brother moved there and made it his home town. The boys were awestruck by the IMAX film depicting the changing seasons in Nordkapp


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