Day 42 – Nordkapp to Nuorgam

No sunset


The sixth week of our travels ended with a drive along the barren north coast on Norway, then entering Finland at the most northerly point of the European Union, Nuorgam, the south bank of the mosquito Infested Tana River is home for the night.

Having spent the previous two nights sleeping three up and one longitudinallly down in Amarillo, we were determined to either stay 2 nights on a child friendly campsite or one night in a hut so we could have a decent shower.

The first huts we found were charging 70 Euros per night. The second lot were warmly advertised as “fishing, sauna, huts”. Feeling optimistic we entered the compound to find it not only infested with mosquitos, but also stark naked men sitting around in small groups, presumably while critters nibbled their warm moist zones. The third one was charging 75 Euros (plus 15 for linen which we did not need). Finally we found one charging 60 Euros which we accepted. I’d have happily spent a third night roughing it in the van, but we all were beginning to stink.

En-route, in a remote part of Northern Norway, we stopped briefly so I could have a comfort break – something that we call a “slash and dash”. On resuming our journey, with the first oncoming car we encountered, I discovered that for some inexplicable reason I was driving on the left. After 3,500 miles faultlessly on the right, this was a danger I thought had passed. Fortunately I realised instantly my mistake and swerved over to the right, but it does highlight that after a lifetime of driving on the left we can never drop our guard when driving overseas.

Tomorrow we head south through Finland to a nice campsite where we will stay for 2 or 3 nights, and the boys will have a Lapland treat well out of season

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