Day 43 – Nuorgam to Rovaniemi

Sunrise 02:58
Sunset 23:48

Farewell to the Arctic Circle, and a return to the more usual day/night cycle.

After Norway we are finding Finland surprisingly expensive, yesterday 60 Euros for a cabin, and today 40 Euros for a campsite pitch. In Norway the camping charge was just for the pitch, regardless of the number of people, here there is a charge for the pitch (16 Euros) plus each adult (8 Euros) plus each child (4 Euros). In Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Sweden we were perhaps spoiled by paying the ACSI Camping Card off season price of 17 or 19 Euros for everything (including electric hook-up which we never use).

The road south was fast and boring, endless wide tree lined roads. Four or five times we had to break rapidly to a standstill to allow reindeer to cross. Overtaking slower moving vehicles is easy enough – when they are ready for you to pass, the driver indicates left and you pass. After being told by a fisherman staying in the cabin next to us that our van was the first GB registered vehicle he’d ever seen, we were somewhat surprised that the first vehicle we passed on the road south was a British Ford Transit.

We were wrong to expect better weather south of the Arctic Circle- it’s raining again

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