Day 44 – Rovaniemi

imageReindeer outside the local tennis courts

We are camped at the confluence of Finland’s longest and third longest rivers, the river discharges about 10 times the volume of water that either the Thames or Severn discharges. It was into its fast flowing waters that Ben threw the dog’s frisbee this morning. Totally uncharacteristically, and almost inexplicably, neither collie followed the frisbee into the torrent. They say Collies are clever dogs, ours certainly showed some hint of this this morning.

Once recovered from this heart-stopping moment we went to SantaPark. It’s a massive nuclear fallout shelter, built with taxpayers money, converted into an under-mountain theme park. The acrobatic show was good – we saw it twice, and at the elven run gingerbread decoration workshop Jack showed less restraint than the dogs did this morning by eating his gingerbread man before the workshop started. But overall it was pretty naff. If you want to give your children a real Christmassy experience, I’d recommend carol singing in aid of a Bethlehem donkey sanctuary, unless, of course, you want them to understand the true meaning of naff


Jack couldn’t wait for the gingerbread decoration workshop to begin


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