Day 48 – Lappeenranta to Tallinn

An early start, 8am, and a fast drive to Helsinki. After weeks of being restricted to 80kph in much of Sweden, nearly all of Norway and most of northern Finland, it was nice to see speed limits of 100 and later 120 kph.

I tried to fill up with AdBlue at a credit card only pump, but my cards are, apparently, invalid. We still have 2000 km left, but I really mustn’t run out of the stuff.

We arrived at the ferry terminal at 11.30, only to discover it was the wrong terminal. At least three operators ply the Helsinki to Tallinn route, and each, it seems, has its own port. So we then had a frantic scramble to the other side of the bay to arrive by midday for a 1pm sailing.

We were 4th or 5th to be loaded, and sped across the Baltic on a catamaran. Great crossing. I took the boys to the only open deck on the boat, called the observation deck, to find it fully enclosed except no roof, so no chance of observing anything except the hoards of smokers.

We arrived at our chosen campsite in the early afternoon, and after paying Nordic prices of anything up to 40 Euros per night for a pitch, are delighted to be paying 14 Euros, with truly excellent facilities, and the best children’s playground yet.

Estonia has been an EU success story, with a population of just 1.3 million, its per capita GDP has soared since it joined. Thankfully, for us, it is still a fairly cheap country.

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