Day 49 – Tallinn

Ben reading Jack a story this morning.

We are loving Estonia! After the priceiness of the Nordic countries, restrictive dog exercising rules, miserable weather and the hoards of vicious insects in Finland, Estonia is proving to be a paradise: cheap prices, permissive dog exercising rules, excellent weather and surprisingly few critters.

We went shopping for doggy things today: replacement frisbee – after Ben threw the previous one into Finland’s biggest river (and thankfully the collies had sufficient intelligence not to follow it into the torrent); more food – a 14Kg sack that should last about three weeks; poo bags – we had run out and had been using nappy bags but the danger with them is a finger going through; a chew toy for Jess – she’s a teething one-year-old and I’ve already lost two socks to her and she’s destroyed much of their bedding; a two dog Y chain – to walk both dogs on a single lead; a new rope lead – we left the UK with about six leads, two have been chewed through by Jess in frustration at not being able to run free, and two are in a poor shape by being continually twisted with the dogs on leads so much; and a harness for Jess – I am pretty sure that by this age Meg had been trained to stop pulling on the lead, but Jess is a much more powerful dog and can be hard to handle, collie “teenage years” can stretch on for ages; all for about 2/3 the UK price.

It was our wedding anniversary today, and the 23 year old daughter of the campsite owner baby sat for us so we could go into the centre of Tallinn for dinner. Child free in Tallinn for four hours was a real luxury. After a lovely meal at a Latvian restaurant we returned to unexpected calm at the campsite with the boys fed, in their pyjamas, watching a DVD in the van , and we had a full hour playing frisbee with the dogs while the boys stayed in the van watching the end of Finding Nemo

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