Day 50 – Tallinn

Another sunny day in Estonia, just perfect for a day on the beach. The beach was a 30 minute drive, and on the way we encountered roadworks, we drove slowly through, then heard a horrendous noise from the van, like something dragging underneath, we checked: nothing, and drove on, the noise gone. Driving down an unpaved road the noise restarted, another look: nothing. We paid 4.80 Euros for two hours in the beach car park  (and there were we thinking that Estonia was cheap). Then we discovered that for 20 cents more we could park for the whole day.

It was a perfect beach for us, soft golden sand gently sloping out to sea. Unfortunately dogs are banned, so Meg and Jess remained in the van with the window vents installed. We stayed three hours

On our return to the campsite I checked the car again, there was a patch of sticky tar on the front offside wheel.  I can only assume that something had stuck to the tar on the wheel and was scraping as the wheel turned.

Later I took the boys and dogs around the campsite’s “hiking trail” which took far longer than expected, and was in trouble with Clare for being late back for dinner. After a shower we all went to bed exhausted.

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