Day 52 – Tallinn to Iecava

We packed the night before, and slept in the van in travel mode (3 up + 1 on the bench of the 3 person seat) so after the roof was lowered we were ready to go.

The AdBlue warning had been bleeping since before Helsinki, and we’d had several aborted attempts to refill. Warnings start with about 2500Km of AdBlue remaining, so it isn’t a problem for some time, but it is very important not to allow the AdBlue tank to run dry, as if you do once the ignition is off the van cannot be restarted without a Mechanic reset. We eventually found an AdBlue pump with 1600Km remaining for 55 cents per litre, and squeezed 11.9 litres into the 13 litre tank. The display now shows 9500Km which is probably the maximum the display will show.

We arrived at our chosen campsite just after 3pm and had a relaxed time setting up. Pizza for dinner, baked on the Cadac BBQ. Nice crispy base and deliciously melted cheese. What a contrast from our first attempts of BBQing pizzas.

We don’t feel the warmth in Latvia that we did in Estonia, and were somewhat shocked to learn that some 14% of Latvians are ethnic Russians who haven’t been given Latvian (or EU) citizenship, and are stateless. It seems to be a serious failing of the EU to allow this to continue

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