Day 53 – Iecava

This campsite really does have a plethora of activities for children and adults – and we invented a new sport of our own: dog powered go-kart racing.

Fun on the zip wire

And from our van we couldn’t tell if this was a crane or a stork.

IMG_3238We really had no need to leave the campsite, but were intrigued by a place called “rabbit town” just down the road. Europe’s largest collection of rabbits housed in hutches that look like houses and other buildings.

2 thoughts on “Day 53 – Iecava

  1. You may have your trials and tribulations. But the compensations look alright. Happy camping
    Love mexxxxxxxxxxx


    1. Hi Jane I am Andreea I am not able to ring you because my phone stopped working but I am going to be back in uk this friday 8 th of September and I might come and see you one of the days comming. I didn’t know how to text you that is why I wrote here I hope you see this. … Tom and Clare I hope you are having great holiday and I miss boys a lot.


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