Day 54 – Iecava to Druskininkai

A five hour drive south across part of Latvia and through the middle of Lithuania, right up to the EU’s border with Belarus.

We stopped at a roadside cafe for lunch just outside Vilnius, which turned out to beArmenian, serving rather good kebabs, cooked on a wood BBQ. We stopped again at a town not far from our destination to go to the supermarket.

The roads got noticeably better as we neared our destination, and it turned out that our chosen campsite is in a spar town, flush with EU development funds. Money has clearly been well spent as the town is booming, full of tourists from Russia and Belarus enjoying whatever the town has to offer.

On our campsite there was also a group of 24 Lithuanian and Italian students on a cultural exchange trip. They seemed to adore Meg and Jess, and Ben and Jack, offering to make the latter Nutella on toast – apparently a classic Italian dish being shared with the Lithuanians.




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