Day 56 – Druskininkai

The last day of our eighth week away was spent on and around the campsite. In many ways this is the worst campsite we have stayed on: the showers have very low water pressure, the “baby room” is locked, and used as a cleaners’ store cupboard with the changing table a tea and coffee station, there is no child’s playground. But all around is pure loveliness: opposite the campsite is a superb public park with a first rate children’s playground and the largest climbing frame I have ever seen, the town is clean and pedestrianised with rivers and lakes and rainbow endowed fountains, and the people are friendly and welcoming. We love Lithuania.

The big adventure of the day was when Ben and I cycled together to the supermarket to buy milk. Ben’s cycling is so strong that he’s perfectly capable of cycling a couple of miles independently. The previous day Clare bought two litres of milk, but it turned out to be yoghurt (the second time we’ve made the same mistake). Imagine the affect on my mildly dyslexic brain on buying a carton labelled “piens”, and what might come out of the spout when globular yoghurt appeared last time!


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