Day 57 – Druskininkai to Warsaw

We had to make a big diversion west to avoid going through Belarus, a country we’d love to visit, but is off limits to us because of the bureaucracy leaving and re-entering the EU with dogs. Today was hot, with temperatures up to 35 degrees, and we were all thankful for the upgraded air conditioning we ordered for the van, keeping the temperature at a steady 19.5 degrees. We also had dramatic thunderstorms, washing the lifeless collection of bugs from our windscreen.

Tonight, and for the first time since we have been away, we are staying in a hotel, a four* hotel in the centre of Warsaw, costing £88 per night for the six of us, including breakfast for four. Compare this to £60 per night we paid for a mosquito infested cabin with four bunks in Finland with no toilet and no water, and £40 per night, also in Finland, for a camping pitch.

We went out for posh burgers, which included chips that the chef couldn’t be bothered to peel so called them “gourmet”. To complete the rustic feel, Ben was given a red onion with a stick with our order number. Jack thought this was a lollipop and screamed until the cashier gave home one too. Content, he proceeded to eat the red onion.


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