Day 58 – Warsaw

17:00 hours on 1 August is the anniversary of the 1944 Warsaw uprising, when the advancing Soviet army persuaded the people of Warsaw to rise up against their Nazi occupiers, then Stalin ordered his army to stop the advance and watched while the Nazis annihilated the resistance, exterminated Jews in Warsaw “safe houses”, summarily executed 150,000 to 200,000 Polish civilians and destroyed some 85% of Warsaw’s buildings. Once the Nazis eventually left Warsaw there was no one left to resist Soviet occupation, which lasted for the next 40 years.

The beginning of these horrors is remembered each year from the roundabout just outside our hotel window. We had a bird’s eye view as the commemoration kicked off. (Jack’s head can be seen reflected in the window).


Earlier in the day we had visited some of Warsaw’s parks with the boys and dogs, and met an American family of seven (children 9,6,6,4,2) who are emigrating from Florida to Warsaw, having made their fortune in online auto parts.

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