Day 59 – Warsaw to Krakow

Our factory fitted upgraded SatNav is eitirely new to us, having previously used paper maps. It has proved to be excellent value on this trip, given good estimates of trip length, and delivered us safely to all destinations (though once it tried to send us along a parallel dirt track between Alta and Nordkapp as a shorter alternative).

it always offers three route choices: most economical, fastest, and shortest. Usually the three routes are very similar, if not, identical. Not on this occasion – the choices were very different. The shortest took longest, about 2 hours longer than the quickest; the fastest was much longer than the most economical, using 140kph motorway, but this was the route we chose. A big mistake. Polish motorways are horrid to drive on. 140 kph is far too fast to be a comfortable speed for our van – 120 is plenty fast enough, but many drivers on Polish motorways see 140 as an entitlement, and tailgate until you move over. Using the inside lane for prolonged periods is not much of an option as it is filled with lorries stuck at 90 Kph. So driving on the motorway in Poland involves much lane changing, and accelerating rapidly from 90 to 140 KPH to fit into a gap between faster moving vehicles. This is not a style of driving I like. We would have been better off using the most economical route on 100 KPH single carriageway roads, acoording to the SatNav, 1 minute slower.

Before leaving Warsaw we needed to visit a VW service centre. Somehow the middle rear seat belt clip has become trapped in the folding bench mechanism and has been destroyed into a mess of black and red twisted plastic. A dog usually uses this seat, but if both boys are crying as sometimes happens towards the end of the day, and biscuits won’t resolve the issue, Clare moves the dog off its towel and slips into that seat to comfort the boys.

A replacement clip would be about 100 Zloty, and could be ordered to arrive the next day. As we were off to Krakow, that didn’t help, but undeterred by his inability to give us what we required, this super assistant phoned ahead to a dealer in Krakow to order the part for us. Unfortunately, he was defeated by the dealer putting him on hold three times, then cutting him off each time during Stevie Wonder’s “I just called”.

On arrival in Krakow we went straight to the VW dealer – they fell over themselves to help, have ordered the part and will fit it on Saturday. About 100 Zloty for the part and about 50 Zloty for fitting. I can make a warranty claim on our return to the UK – the clip should not have got caught in the seat mechanism.

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