Day 61 – Krakow

After the miserable weather of Norway, and the insect infestations of Finland, we now have the blazing temperatures of Poland to complain about. But, at least, here in Krakow we have the means to mitigate our latest grumble and grouse. A municipal lido next to our campsite and a constant 16 degrees down the local salt mines.

It was to the mines we headed to escape the 35 degree temperatures. We left it until mid afternoon to go when there was cloud cover at least – so no direct sunlight on the car, put in the window vents, and started the tour.

As promised, it was cool in the mines, but as buggies are not advised, Jack had to be carried down the 400 or so steps into the mine, so that made us hot and bothered instead. Ben then started complaining about being hungry, so I asked if he wanted some salt. When he replied “yes” I told him he could have a quick lick of the wall if no one was looking. It provided some mirth to the English speaking tour group, but none to Ben’s temperament.

The tour continued, visiting cavern after cavern, for two hours, up to 135 metres underground (the mine goes far far deeper than that) and we ended up with a sound understanding of salt as a commodity throughout history, and the dangers faced by miners over the centuries, especially before electric lighting. But it was probably at least a year too early for Ben and Jack to appreciate much.

We returned to our campsite and met our new Swiss neighbours in their campervan:


We are particularly envious of their flat-pack rooftop terrace.

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