Day 64 – Krakow to Worclaw

After breakfast packing went pretty smoothly. It has taken us a very long time to realise this, but our earlier issues about packing were not really packing issues but childcare issues. Clare and I were trying to pack at the same time as trying to occupy the boys. Now one does the childcare while the other does their packing jobs and then we swap over. We were off the site soon after 11am; with one short break we arrived at our new campsite soon after 3pm after an easy drive.

This is a great family campsite, stuffed with Dutch families, complete with swimming lake and bar serving good family food: schnitzel, chips and salad for Clare; goulash, roasted potatoes and salad for me; chicken, chips and salad for the boys; a glass of red wine, half a litre of beer and a mineral water came to the equivalent of £17.

it is just as well the food is cheap – after nine weeks away our gas has run out and we cannot find Campingaz refill anywhere – and we’ve been looking since Norway when our first bottle ran out.

The Campingaz website proudly boasts that Campingaz is widely available in Europe. I don’t know their definition of Europe, but we haven’t been able to find exchange refills in Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania or Poland, and we don’t think that exchange refills are available in Denmark or Sweden either.

We should have brought propane, refilling is possible at many petrol filling stations with an appropriate adaptor.

never mind – we will BBQ Polish sausages tomorrow and eat with the excellent potato and carrot salads all supermarkets in Poland sell. We can restock with Campingaz in Germany on Thursday. We will consider later whether to switch to propane for the second leg of our trip: I don’t suppose Campingaz is available in Bulgaria, Romania or Hungary either.

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