Day 69 & 70 Walbrzych to Trier

To write this write this blog I need wifi connection or to be able to send data by phone, and time free from being disturbed by boys or dogs. I can usually find the time in the middle of the night as we go to bed early with the boys, so writing if I wake at 3am is not a problem, but for some reason my phone has stopped receiving a signal, and I have not had wifi where we have been pitched for some time, hence this blog hasn’t been kept up to date. I will now fill in the gaps.

in the morning, after the usual excellent Ibis breakfast, Ben and I walked the dogs around the old mine while Clare and Jack shopped for lunch things. At 11.30 we left and headed for the motorway. We refuelled twice before leaving Poland, the first time to use the last of our Zloty, and the second time to fill the tank with cheap Polish fuel before leaving Germany.

At about 5pm we started to look for somewhere to stay, intending to spend another night in a hotel, but everywhere was either booked or too expensive. In the end we found a small campsite on the edge of a town called Meringen, had a pizza, and slept in travel mode: Clare and the boys in the roof and me on the bench seat.

We set off the next morning in good time, and stopped at the first service station for breakfast – not great. Returning to the van, we thought we were seeing double:


We looking inside their ten year old van, it was pristine – and looked empty. We were too ashamed to show them the inside of our cesspit, but the stench of ten weeks of wet dogs, ten weeks of potty training toddlers, and two adults who had long forgotten the rules of personal hygiene must have been wafting out of the windows left open for the dogs, and would tell its own tale.

We arrived on the campsite mid afternoon, pitched and had dinner in the on site restaurant. Unremarkable.

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