Day 76 – Vandieres

We all had an excellent night’s sleep, waking at 9:02  Bugger! The baker comes to the campsite 8:45 to 9am. We’d missed him. I pulled the short straw and was lumbered with the boys while Clare cycled to the next village for bread.

Other VW California owners arrived thick and fast all morning, the meet organiser was there before the baker, having left home at 5am. Wim gave us and the boys all sorts of little gifts, including balloons that burst almost as fast as the boys insisted I blew them up.

After lunch we went on a bike ride along the Marne “voie verte”, a section so new it is not on the recent cycling map of the area.

On our return we were somewhat surprised to see everything soaked – apparently we’d missed a heavy shower even though we were just a few metres away.

Everyone at the meet are truly charming, many have read this blog and are interested in our travels: they are too polite to comment on how mad they think we are. Ben and Jack are being horribly spoiled by all the attention they receive.

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