Day 77 & 78 – Vandieres

Similar days.

Before our arrival on site we had planned our meals, and were prepared for four dinners, plus lunches and breakfast. All we needed was to remember to catch the baker. Ben happened to overhear me mention this to Clare and responded, “I think you had better have a rope ready then”. He must have had some image of us  lassoing some hapless French baker as he passed.

We caught the baker both mornings, and had lovely fresh bread for breakfast and lunch.

It is lovely being on a site where everyone either knows us or knows of us as the boys can wander a little more freely. Jack thinks nothing of toddling into someone else’s campervan- so long as they are there- and always remembers to take off his boots first.

Both days we went out cycling, Meg trotting along with us. Ben’s quite capable, but after a certain point he suddenly runs out of energy and says his legs have stopped working. When that happens Clare balanced his bike on her handlebars, and I have one boy on the child seat and the other sits on the rear rack.

The Champagne tasting was on Saturday night. Ben and Jack were so excited to be in a room with so many people that I had to take them out, and I missed the tasting. I hope Wim organises another wine tasting next year – it will be Clare’s turn to look after the boys.

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