Day 79 & 80 – Vandieres to Tours to Ile d’Oleron

After the rain came mist on Tuesday morning, and we packed a wet tent. As we left Vandieres at 12.30 the sun came out and bathed the rich vineyards of the Marne Valley in glorious sunshine.

We had a good drive to Tours on empty roads, stopping at several aires for comfort breaks, and a supermarket in readiness for four meals on the campsite

The campsite was uninspiring, apart from a wonderful bouncy castle type slide for the boys. We pitched and dined on pork chops and salads.

None of us slept well, the site was too noisy, right next to a busy road. We breakfasted on fresh bread and butter, and then made the decision to move on immediately. We need to gain 5 days on our outline schedule anyway to make a date with my parents in Cadiz, 3 nights is a good chunk of that.

We packed in the sunshine and managed to dry out everything, leaving the site at 2pm. We made a brief stop at a supermarket for break and were on the empty roads again. We got to our campsite at Ile d’Oleron just before 6pm. A lovely site, with plenty for the boys to do, and replacing the dull whine of rubber on tarmac with the constant crashing of waves on the shore. Perfect.

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