Day 81 – Ile d’Oleron

We had a wonderful day. After breakfast we went cycling to the beach. The closest part is just a kilometre away, but we went further along with Meg trotting alongside. The beach was empty, and the boys loved playing in the sand, and Meg loved chasing butterflies in the dunes.


After lunch Clare had a doze and I took the boys to the site’s swimming lake, a shallow purpose built pool, filled with white sand and water. I told the boys that they weren’t to paddle above their knees, and for about a microsecond they did as asked. Soon it became apparrant that their clothes would get wet, so I took them off: Ben naked and Jack to his nappy. Ben immediately started to pee in the water, looking just like that statue in Brussels.


Other parents looked on shocked, but I expect it was more relief that it was someone else’s child and not theirs.

For dinner we had Cadac grilled pork chops with fried potato and onion; Jack correctly counted the five pieces of mandarin that I gave to him (he’s not yet 2 1/2).

Clare put the boys to bed and I washed up and walked Meg.

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