Day 84 – Ile d’Oleron

Our greatest challenge of this trip around Europe is the necessary 24 hour care we need to give to Ben and Jack. They are now a little older and more experienced with our routines from when we set out, but they do both need occupying during waking hours. This campsite is pretty good – there’s a lovely playground and a superb lagoon with naturally filtered water.


It has a sandy beach all the way around and the boys can dig and excavate in it endlessly. But although that leaves them occupied, they still need supervision. Clare and I have no time to ourselves. In Estonia we managed an evening together on our wedding anniversary by getting the campsite owner’s adult daughter to babysit – but that’s been about it. For this reason we might very well be joined on our travels by a young Spanish student for three months. Julia’s training course as an ancillary nurse begins in January, so she is available until then.

We are of course concerned that five of us living in the van will make things worse not better, but we are willing to give it a go if Julia is happy to join our family. Watch this space to see if it all works out.

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