Day 85 – Ile d’Oleron to Bimbo


Yes – you read it correctly, we are staying in a place called Bimbo, Camping Bimbo, just off Chemin de Bimbo. Unexpectedly full of rather nice people. The ‘sanitary’ block is just about the best we have come across – except… no toilet seats, no toilet paper and no bathroom soap – how crazy is that. Even the EU’s most easterly loo (see day 47) had toilet paper.

Since camping in France, we’ve come across some pretty strange toilet arrangements: a men’s urinal in the middle of a shared gender washroom cum laundry room cum corridor, guarded only by a yucca plant; toilets without seats; toilets without soap and toilets without paper, but the Bimbo feature of toilets without soap, paper and seats is a first for us.

Euronating aside, this is another excellent campsite. Undoubtedly the very best swimming pool we have come across. I should say swimming pools, there are four, with depths of 10cm, 40cm, 1m20 and 1m55 with a shallower integrated jacuzzi. The boys love it, so do we.

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