Day 91 – Navarrete to Picos de Europa

Packing up is never easy, and the other day we watched a Dutch couple with two young children spend three hours packing. But today’s packing in dry weather was as good as any we’ve had. And we successfully used our 12 volt kettle to its full capacity.

Home kettles are up to 3000 watts (240 volts x 13 amps = 3120 watts). To match that power, a 12 volt kettle would need to draw 260 amps! The biggest socket we have in the van is 20 amps. Boiling water with a 12 volt, 20 amp kettle needs planning, and takes about as long as baking a large potato in the oven at home, 45 minutes for 750 ml of water. The kettle went on at 8.30, a coffee was in my hand by the time I’d packed the van, but not loaded the bikes (the gas and stove had been pre-packed the night before).

We chose to avoid the motorways, and enjoyed the drive over the mountains, crossing some passes above 1000 metres, before descending to the north coast of Spain at Santander. We then followed the coast before heading inland again into the Picos de Europa, so called because they were the first sight of Europe many sailors had when returning from the Americas. It started raining when we arrived at the campsite. Clare kept the boys entertained while I pitched and unpacked.

We had an early dinner of chorizo sausages, carrot salad and baguette before exploring the campsite. Ben and Jack were delighted to discover a trampoline protected from the rain.


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