Day 92 – Picos de Europa

It is good to be camping in the mountains. We’ve only really met nice people on our travels, but somehow people who camp in the mountain campsites are different and more generous than those who camp on the coast. We met a young couple who’d spent the last two years travelling, and a retired architect and his wife. His current project is near Poitiers, he has bought an old water mill and is restoring it, her current project is to knit a pair of yellow and brown socks for her son-in-law.

While here we thought we’d better climb a Pico. All five of us set off, Clare and Jack turned back after about 1/2 mile, Ben and I continued, past a yoga retreat, until the trees became sparse and we had this view of the village below.


On our way down we were delighted to meet a herd of cows with bells.

Meg is now unfazed by cows and horses, and ignores them.

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