Day 93 – Picos de Europa to Oviedo

Unforecastef drizzly rain greeted us this morning and Clare wanted to leave, reluctantly I agreed. As much as I love the mountains, there isn’t so much for the boys as there is on a large resort campsite near a beach. I’d probably be happy with them playing in a stream, but Clare would not except under very close supervision. Anyway, we needed to get the sliding door handle fixed – the chap I spoke to at VWCS seemed to think I could just go to the local VW service centre and get it fixed for free – we shall see.

We drove to VW Gijon, and with Clare’s halting Spanish and their halting English they seemed to indicate that they will fix it for free under warranty tomorrow morning at 9am – we shall see.

We retreated to Ibis Budget Oviedo, 9 Euros for each of the four of us, 6 Euros for the dog and 6 Euros for the car. We had a cracking meal of meat and chips only, overlooking Oviedo Prison, a rather attractive building for incarceration.

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