Day 95 & 96 – Ribeira

We are staying on a campsite in the middle of the Ribeira Peninsular, sun, sea and sand all around. The weather is close to perfect: daytime temperature mid twenties, nighttime temperature mid teens. Our minor complaint is that the dew is very heavy.

The campsite is enormous, and virtually empty, perhaps eight campers and a similar number of staff – perhaps they make enough through the summer for the owner to employ key staff all year.

When we arrived the owner greeted us and gave Jack a bag of sweets, Jack ran off with them hotly pursued by Ben who managed to relieve Jack of his treasure, resulting in Jack crying. Clare took the sweets from Ben, opened them and tried to give the boys one sweet each. Of course, this wasn’t enough for Jack who wanted all the bounty for himself, and continued screaming. Thinking his injustice of giving one boy sweets and not the other had caused the mayhem, the owner came up with another bag of sweets, this time for Ben. Not wanting the boys to eat so many sweets before dinner, Clare took those too, leaving Ben to bawl too.

All of this above was witnessed by a lovely English couple who have spent the last five years touring Europe in their enormous caravan. It hitches to the payload area of their Navara pick up truck.


The caravan extends sideways giving an internal seating area for up to eight people!

The beaches around are great and empty.

There is a huge sand dune.IMG_0136And an equally high fine for enjoying itIMG_0135

One thought on “Day 95 & 96 – Ribeira

  1. It all sounds great. Wish we were there! I wouldn’t give one boy a bag of sweets and not the other. I wouldn’t give anyone a bag of sweets! In the pub yesterday they wanted to give digby a huge biscuit and were quite narked when I said. Please don’t. Starting to think about packing. Hip hip Love mexxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Best wishes!

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